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Fox Patrimoine


Some friends

The creation of a web plateforme helping French people to build wealth.



End of 2019, my father will go to retirement. He can not wait that the end of the year appears. Luckily, he saved his money early for his retirement but, talking with other people, a few don't think about it.

With two of my classmates, we decided to create Fox Patrimoine.

Tips, advice, answers to big questions and also the possibility to take an appointment and be accompanied by a wealth management firm.

Our method is:

Interview all types of French people, because everybody is concern about this topic

Find verbatim and try to answer

Fill empathy map to find the real issue

MoSCoW method to choose what we will have for the first version

Design, testing, failed, design, testing … iterate until we have something good and user centric!

I look forward to seeing this project come to fruition.

Within the group, I am in charge of the product's UX (understanding the future users via interviews as well as the platform's UX) also as the brand identity (brand persona for example). Throughout, along with my classmates, we will take care of SEO and acquisition