Communication campaign

Joon, by Air France



Aware of the challenge that represents the tourism development in middle east countries, the airline company Joon has decided to establish in Dubaï and Amman.



In order to help with his development, we have to imagine a communication campaign.

The new subsidiary of Air France, Joon, was created in July 2007. The name, the brand and the position testify the group's desire to modernize air traffic. Joon wants to create a new state of mind: a new wind blowing on the air travel.

The company promises to live surprising experiences at every step of the travel, in flight and beyond. 

The graphic identity of Joon and the communication testify the group’s desire to focus on a new target: young people age to 18 at 35 years old.

« A short, punchy, easy-to-remember and above all international sound to address the world. The word looks like the month of June, it carries an idea of spring, sun, freshness. »

- A spokesman for Air France.

Strategic contribution

Discover typologies and travel’s habits of local people, of our target of both countries.

  • A tendency to spending more than former generation.
  • Attrac to reward connected to fidelity program.
  • Connected h24 on socials media and differences devices (mobile phone).
  • The company has to bring value to trip experiences and to adopt an offer client-centered.

Latoya, 21 y.o.


Zihad, 30 y.o. 


Maquettes Joon
Finally, Joon

New. Modern. In.

It’s a rescue, a revolution. A relief. For us, for you.
“Finally, Joon.” put in evidence the happiness that we can feel when we discover or retrieve Joon’s flights.
We understand that Joon is more than an airline company, it’s an outcome.