Commercial film for Ushuaïa TV

Mon asiette, ma planète



In order to sensibiliser the public opinion on the food waste, Ushuaïa TV decided to show 5 emissions with Thierry Marx, a french chef, to learn how to cook by limiting leftover food.



With a short deadline and tight budget, we have to realize a TV commercial also a marketing guerrilla.

Before the shooting

Find the equipment used in the TV commercial at an affordable price (bin, neon, truck).

Find providers, negotiate prices, validate quotes.

Prepare the shoot via a roadmap.

During the shooting

Follow the roadmap.

Check scenes thanks to storyboard.

Check in order to prevent the false connections.

After the shooting

Follow the post-production

I’ve loved work on this project.

It was the first time I was taking care of a TV commercial. Worked on Mon Assiette, Ma planète from the beginning to the end made me discover another face of production.